Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bullsh*t Scandals Push Sequester Out of the News

Particularly on the national level, the Republican Party has been a crime organization masquerading as a political party since President Nixon and Watergate. Nixon had to resign because he ordered the break-in to the Watergate hotel in order to spy on the DNC. The Administration of President Reagan and then Vice-President Bush illegally sold weapons to Iran in what came to be known as the Iran-Contra Scandal, and 11 members of Reagan-Bush administration were convicted of crimes. President George H.W. Bush then shamelessly pardoned some of these criminals during his single term as president. In 2000 his son, George W. Bush, stole the presidential election and subsequently should have been impeached for numerous illicit activities. Hence, Republicans went after President Clinton and are now going after President Obama in order to try to make the playing field look level, when all the executive-level criminals has been Republican for the past 40 years.

Here is my summary of the so-called Obama scandals: 1. Benghazi--complete bullsh*t. It's sad 4 Americans died there, but this was through no fault of President Obama, and deaths overseas have been happening all too frequently since Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. 2. IRS investigating Tea Party groups applying for tax exempt statuses: complete bullsh*t. Common sense should tell you that if a group hates the federal government and has members who equate taxation with stealing, such a group merits some extra scrutiny if they apply for tax-exempt status. And if those groups were truly educational, one of their characteristics would be that they would be geared toward the long, arduous process of education, so growing pains during one election cycle would be no big deal. [update: the IRS also scrutinized liberal groups because political activity is not tax exempt] 3. NSA surveillance scandal--the only one that should bother Americans. Sadly, it is a continuation of the Bush administration's policies and is probably all legal under the Patriot Act.

Thus, Republicans and bogus scandals are muffling the news we should be hearing about how harmful the sequester has been and continues to be. Government employees are losing jobs and leaving services undone which need to be done, and this should be making us boiling mad. But we're just not hearing enough about the insidious sequester.