Monday, December 31, 2012

An old blogger starts anew

I remember back in late 2002, the economy had soured from the prosperous 90s and a smug conservative told me everything was great. Then this happened again, and again.

I started posting on the Real Radio Web site in Orlando in 2003. Then I started my "Boiling Mad" blog at the end of that year. Boiling Mad garnered over 200,000 hits, and was referenced by other sites such as fafblog, buzzflash, and U.S. News and World Report.

In 2006 I shut Boiling Mad down for professional reasons. My favorite blogger ever, Billmon, also shut down Whiskey Bar, while the likes of Uber-blog "The Huffington Post," made use of celebrities to hog the blogosphere.

Just as the  tagline to Boiling Mad was "I get pissed off, you decide" in a parody of Fox News [sic], the tagline of The Poor Man's Huffington Post will be "gut reactions, hunches, jokes, and wild speculations." Because even though I am in more agreement with the viewpoint of The Huffington Post, than I am with Fox News [sic], I am always disappointed see a great headline only to later find out it is from The Huffington Post.

So I intend to break many, many great headlines on this The Poor Man's Huffington Post blog, but remember the tagline, "gut reactions, hunches, jokes, and wild speculations," before holding me accountable for their truths. This is not to say that what I post will not be true, it is just that some of it could be chalked up to humor or speculation.

What makes this The Poor Man's Huffington Post is that I neither have the money of Arianna Huffington or the celebrity of the Huffington Post's writers. And unless or until I attain either--consider this an old blogger attempting to take things back for the little guy.--IS LED BY NONE